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Knowledge is Power

From finding the right real estate agent to completing the process of buying or selling a home, current and comprehensive information is the key to confidence in your property investment decisions.

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How do I get a Real Estate Agent?

Buying or selling your home is a big deal – while it may be tempting to go with word-of-mouth recommendations or familiar faces, when it comes to choosing a real estate agent, it pays to do some research.


Your agent will be responsible for setting the sale price or putting forth offers, marketing your home or listening to your needs to help you find your dream home, running open houses or arranging home tours, speaking with potential buyers/sellers, and ultimately, walking you through the entire purchasing/selling process.


To make an informed choice, ask friends and neighbours for personal recommendations, but also take the time to interview several of the best candidates before making a decision.

Oval outline

10 Questions

to ask your potential Real Estate Agent


Is this your full-time job?


How will you market my home?


What are the negatives of my home?


Do you work on your own or as part of a team?


What type of support staff or resources do you have?


How will you keep me informed about progress?


Can I see your references?


Can I review documents ahead of time that I will be asked to sign?


Have you purchased a home and gone through the home buying process?


At what stage within the process am I no longer able to change my mind or cancel agreements?

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